Introducing: The Music Man Project

On the 30th of April, we will officially launch AAAHA at SOAS from 6-8pm. We would like to introduce to you some of our Alliance members and speakers of the evening:

The Music Man Project

London Palladium

The Music Man Project is the UK’s first full-time music education service
specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities. We train
our students to become effective musical performers regardless of their
personal challenges. We access their innate and instinctive musicality and
use this as a vehicle to teach musicianship and to increase their
confidence, self-esteem and creative expression. We then present these
outcomes in public performances to entertain and educate the wider society.
We campaign for equal opportunities for musicians with learning disabilities
to perform at the most prestigious venues as these experiences have a truly
transformative effect on their lives and those of their families. The Music
Man Project is a sought-after authority in his field. We help other tutors
to set up their own versions of our service around the UK and in other
countries, and this year we will teach disabled adults from London at the
Royal College of Music. We will also train Royal College undergraduates how
to survive and succeed within this rewarding field of music education. Our
methods are the subject of a Royal College PhD into the impact of music on
the well-being of people with a learning disability.


We look forward to developing international links so that we can share our
experiences and learn from other artists and organisations. We would like to
establish a British Asiatic network of arts providers who work in our field
and we will expand our approach to the related sectors of mental health,
dementia and to other vulnerable groups in society. We will share the
findings of the PhD with our partners and will seek opportunities to involve
the Alliance in our doctoral research. Finally, we would like to collaborate
with partners to deliver workshops, training courses, seminars and high
profile performances like our recent production at the London Palladium. We
want to a) showcase our performers alongside professional artists, b)
promote Asiatic Arts to the UK and c) share our particular philosophy with

Read more about The Music Man Project on their website.

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