Introducing PinpointCreate

On the 30th of April, we will officially launch AAAHA at SOAS from 6-8pm. We would like to introduce to you some of our Alliance members and speakers of the evening:


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.40.11

We are a UK based creative arts organisation and our focus is re-inventing tradition. To achieve this we like to combine different art forms with the skills of different practitioners.

We make theatre in site specific, historic and traditional locations.

We draw stories and legends from around the world and create original work.

PinpointCreate enjoy engaging and collaborating with communities and education along the way…

Our work includes:

The story of people in Southend on Sea during the First World War and how the war affected their lives. Told by PinpointCreate in a transformed space in the Beecroft Gallery in a professional production, several Senior schools in their own productions and a series of events and performances by community groups. PinpointCreate work in partnership with Southend Museums and Southend Council through workshops and Primary school visits to reconnect the younger and older generation with their history and their heritage.
Commissioned by Chelmsford City Council as an introduction to the Olympic Torch Relay In Hylands Park. Chelmsford Calling used a multi media approach with ‘Guillermo Marconi’ as ‘compere’ to  introduce sports and performances with an original soundtrack and a debut Olympic song ‘Gold’, performed by Lee Mead.



We are delighted to be asked to present at the launch of AAAHA . We believe this is the beginning of a new journey for our organisation and provides the opportunity for us to make new collaborations through theatre and storytelling.

Read more about PinpointCreate on their website:

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