Introducing: Trikhon Theatre

On the 30th of April we hold our official launch at SOAS from 6-8pm. In the run up to this event, we introduce our speakers of the evening.

Trikhon TheatreTRIKHON (B)

Trikhon in Vietnamese means a particular wisdom to complete something. Our ‘Trikhon’ is bringing stories to life in a way that is much more than words. We believe that a story carries much more power when all our senses are awoken. Through our work we aim to arouse, provoke, terrify, excite, inspire, move, tickle and immerse. We are a big fan of theatre that surrounds you from all sides.


A large part of our practice includes engaging in dialogue, whether in the rehearsals, with local communities or with fellow artist communities. We’re excited about the alliance as we see it as a way our artist communities can support each other and help each other grow in our practice.

You can read more about Trikhon Theatre on their website
Join us for the free AAAHA Launch and RSVP to

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