TICC 2019


I’m so excited about TICC 2019. It has expanded way beyond my expectations!

When I moved to Grays just over two years ago, I felt that there was a need to set up welcoming occasions for people of all diversity to come along to get to know each other, to be visible, and to share cultures.  I discovered the many international anniversaries that have enriched the heritage of Thurrock. How wonderful it would be to animate this history with present day activities in an atmosphere of friendship and creativity.

This is the first year of my being given free reign to execute out what I wanted. There was some suspicion it might all get rather chaotic! But I was amazed at how locals and organisations embraced my aspirations.

Well, we are almost there. And if you can, do come along to TICC 2019 and experience some crazy creativity.  I hope that you will meet new friends, taste  some surprising food and enjoy a wonderful sense of comradeship and joy!


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