Thurrock Festival 19th Sep 2020

We are super excited that it looks very likely that we will be able to have the first Thurrock Festival this year after all!

With Covid-19 causing the best laid plans in our all our lives to founder, Thurrock Festival has had to postpone its festival event to Sat 19th Sep.

Although Thurrock Festival it will be a far more modest affair than we had planned for originally,  it has given us the delightful opportunity of establishing Thurrock Festival Digital (TFD 2020) with its interactive galleries and extensive sweep of artist’ work. Many of these will be under the banner of C19CC which you can imagine stands for Covid-19 Cultural Collection.

Look out for the large recycled puppet, MANDI, that will be brought to life on the day. She is the acronym for Mandala Adored Nobel Deity Icon and a creation of local artists Cece Luna. You may correctly guess that she will be processing from north of Grays High Street down to Grays Wharf. There, she will be fluttering over the making of a large public participatory mandala facilitated by Kinetika’s T100.

A large banner of Ketna Patel‘s pop art images will flank the area and ambient music to create a calming creative atmosphere has been specially composed by  Thurrock Festival’s artistic director Hi Ching.

For our bumper crop of digital artists’ creations featured on TFD 2020 and to read more about Thurrock Festival and its updates, click here.