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Introducing: Rolf Killius

Rolf Killius

Rolf Killius is a consultant (museums, exhibitions and media), exhibition curator, ethnomusicologist (MMus SOAS, London University), sound recordist, film producer & editor and radio journalist whose work appears in a variety of contexts. He works in exhibition curating, academic research, music and sound production, film production and editing, oral history study, and the delivery of music, dance and arts events especially related to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and the Arabic States of the Gulf.

Sea Music in Sur, Oman by Rolf Killius
Sea Music in Sur, Oman by Rolf Killius

Rolf Killius, a German-born British resident, has lived in Germany, Switzerland and India and presently divides his time between London, UK and India.

At present Rolf is the Guest-Curator for the non-European musical instrument collection at the Musical Instrument Museum in Markneukirchen, Saxony, Germany ( Until recently he was the Curator of Oral and Musical Cultures at the British Library – Qatar Foundation Partnership in London and the Curator for the Indian Music Experience (IME) in Bangalore, India.

He worked as a consultant for the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), ‘the first truly global musical instrument museum’ in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) where he was responsible for collection, research and documentation in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

He co-curated the exhibitions:
Indian Strings & Dances at the Museum of Croydon, London (April – August 2009)
Utsavam – Music from India at the Horniman Museum,  London (February – November 2008)
British Library Sound Archive, Music from India (from April 2009) (provided text and music)  

Santal musicians in Eastern India by Rolf Killius
Santal musicians in Eastern India by Rolf Killius

Find out more about Rolf’s  work via his website and YouTube channel:

Rolf’s work for the British Library and Qatar National Library:

Sowt Music and Dance in Qatar by Rolf Killius
Sowt Music and Dance in Qatar by Rolf Killius

Introducing: Thekla Ek

In the run up to our launch on the 30th of April, we introduce the speakers of the evening. Here you can sample the visual art of Thekla Ek. Hear her speak on the 30th April at SOAS 6-8pm. Click on the link for more information on the launch.

Thekla Ek

In her own words:

The past has been a big influence throughout my practice. Not only from historical events, but also from my family’s background I gain inspiration to create work. I am born and raised in the Flemish part of Belgium. My parents were Khmer Rouge refugees.

I want to communicate with the viewer through historical events, knowing that every person has his own relationship with the past. Every person is writing his own story, but to understand this narrative we need to try to understand our antecedent. Consequently, our past is the key to our lives.

My paintings and drawings are a reflection on global issues such as enforced migration, identity, power, the absurdism of human actions. Philosophers like Jean Paul Sartre, who described freedom as complete and endless, but also acknowledged that this does not mean that freedom does not have any limits: although it may never meet these. The second philosopher I use as a source of inspiration is Albert Camus. He stated that the absurd helped to fill the emptiness of humanity

Introducing: Papergang Theatre

On the 30th of April, we will hold our official launch at SOAS from 6-8pm. In the run up to this event we would like to introduce our speakers of the evening.

Papergang Theatre


Papergang Theatre is a platform for British East Asian talent. Our mission is to change that by focusing on developing British East Asian new writing. We believe that if you create more content, there’ll be more opportunities for our voices to be heard. And more opportunities for British East Asian actors, producers, directors to flourish.

We were formed by graduates of the Royal Court Unheard Voices programme, and we have a wide network of talent in the community. Most of us are born or bred in the UK, now in or 20s and 30s. We want to tell contemporary, British East Asian stories about the here and now, rather than always looking back at where we’ve come from. That’s a unique perspective that we don’t think anyone else has the moment.


We’re involved with AHAA because we know the importance of bringing people together. We would not be where we are today without the help of the wider network and the community. If there is anything that we can do to encourage others and share the experiences we have with others than we are fully behind it.

Read more about Papergang Theatre on their website:

Join us for the free AAAHA launch 30th of April 6-8pm and RSVP

Introducing: Trikhon Theatre

On the 30th of April we hold our official launch at SOAS from 6-8pm. In the run up to this event, we introduce our speakers of the evening.

Trikhon TheatreTRIKHON (B)

Trikhon in Vietnamese means a particular wisdom to complete something. Our ‘Trikhon’ is bringing stories to life in a way that is much more than words. We believe that a story carries much more power when all our senses are awoken. Through our work we aim to arouse, provoke, terrify, excite, inspire, move, tickle and immerse. We are a big fan of theatre that surrounds you from all sides.


A large part of our practice includes engaging in dialogue, whether in the rehearsals, with local communities or with fellow artist communities. We’re excited about the alliance as we see it as a way our artist communities can support each other and help each other grow in our practice.

You can read more about Trikhon Theatre on their website
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Introducing PinpointCreate

On the 30th of April, we will officially launch AAAHA at SOAS from 6-8pm. We would like to introduce to you some of our Alliance members and speakers of the evening:


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.40.11

We are a UK based creative arts organisation and our focus is re-inventing tradition. To achieve this we like to combine different art forms with the skills of different practitioners.

We make theatre in site specific, historic and traditional locations.

We draw stories and legends from around the world and create original work.

PinpointCreate enjoy engaging and collaborating with communities and education along the way…

Our work includes:

The story of people in Southend on Sea during the First World War and how the war affected their lives. Told by PinpointCreate in a transformed space in the Beecroft Gallery in a professional production, several Senior schools in their own productions and a series of events and performances by community groups. PinpointCreate work in partnership with Southend Museums and Southend Council through workshops and Primary school visits to reconnect the younger and older generation with their history and their heritage.
Commissioned by Chelmsford City Council as an introduction to the Olympic Torch Relay In Hylands Park. Chelmsford Calling used a multi media approach with ‘Guillermo Marconi’ as ‘compere’ to  introduce sports and performances with an original soundtrack and a debut Olympic song ‘Gold’, performed by Lee Mead.



We are delighted to be asked to present at the launch of AAAHA . We believe this is the beginning of a new journey for our organisation and provides the opportunity for us to make new collaborations through theatre and storytelling.

Read more about PinpointCreate on their website:

Introducing: Yang-May Ooi

On the 30th of April, we will officially launch AAAHA at SOAS from 6-8pm. We would like to introduce to you some of our Alliance members and speakers of the evening:

Yang-May Ooi


Yang-May Ooi is an author and theatre-maker of Chinese-Malaysian heritage based in London. She is the writer/ performer of the acclaimed solo theatre piece Bound Feet Blues  (Tristan Bates Theatre, 2015 – which has been described as “A riveting bravura performance that brilliantly weaves together personal stories, family history and gender issues with humour, sensitivity and great emotional impact.” Her books include the memoir Bound Feet Blues and novels The Flame Tree and Mindgame. She is also an award-winning TEDx speaker. She is currently developing a new play Butterfly in Blue Jeans ( with actor Julie Cheung-Inhin – the play is an East Asian feminist response to Puccini’s Madama Butterfly and is the first in an East Asian trilogy inspired by the Doomed Diva operas (Madama Butterfly, La Traviata and Carmen).


I can offer AAAHA consultancy/ mentoring on writing and publishing, public speaking and social media. I am looking forward to collaborate and learn new skills; in particular, producing skills and how to raise funds for my theatre projects; to network with other creative professionals for exchange of knowledge/ skills and possible future collaboration

Read more about Yang-May Ooi on her website or follow her on Twitter @tigerspirituk