Britindia Day

Britindia Day FREE
Sat 24 June 10.30am-5pm
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS, University of London, London WC1H 0XG

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10.30am-5pm Kapé & Pan
Britindia Indian coffee, speciality teas, delightful snacks and cakes available all day

10.30am-1pm Presentations
Fascinating, wide-ranging views and experiences of working in British Indian worlds

10.30-10.50am The British-Indian Connection: The Axis of Liberal Modernity 
10.50-11.10am  Hearts of Darkness, Hearts of Light
11.10-11.30am  Amber Arts
11.30-11.40am  Adivasi Arts Trust
11.40am-12.10pm  CreateCATT
12.10-12.30pm  Transform Project
12.30-1.00pm  Ketna Patel & Jon Reading (Britindia Cultural Envoys)

Presentation Videos

2pm-5pm  OUTrageous Tales
A real coup – the first public audience with the Kali Queens. Join in the Tea and Tarts party hosted by Britindia Queen of Tarts!

The British-Indian Connection: The Axis of Liberal Modernity
Author Roderick Matthews places Britindia Day in context. The Anglo-Indian connection which created the first, stable liberal democracies in both Europe and Asia. Why? Because the British were forced to think beyond the problems of self-government, then progressive Indians took the opportunity to adapt the language of liberal rights and the machinery of imperial government to suit their own purposes. All this was made possible by the most beneficial thing that the British brought to India, which was not capitalism, law, or railways, but internal disarmament.

Hearts of Darkness, Hearts of Light
Writer and academic Martin Buckley has studied the great Hindu Epic The Ramayana for over a decade. His last book Indian Odyssey (Penguin An Indian Odyssey by Martin Buckley) was a journey by motorbike across modern India, exploring the ancient tale that is India’s best loved book. Martin will talk about his newest project, an updated version of the Ramayana set in a modern landscape of religious intolerance and terrorist violence. 

Amber Arts
Dr Edward Dickinson founded Amber Arts – a new cultural project – as part of his India Inspiration Initiative in partnership with Britindia. The aim is to highlight and catalyse local creative capital. He is a lifelong art enthusiast who now divides his time between London and the historic town of Amber (near Jaipur, capital of Rasjathan in India). His journey has been a demanding one, revitalising mindsets and building persuasive bridges for the acceptance of contemporary concepts.

Adivasi Arts Trust
Tara Douglas, animator and founder, presents a snapshot of the work Adivasi does in promoting and developing Gond art for contemporary audiences. Adivasi Arts Trust, is an organisation that promotes awareness of Indian tribal culture, and works with the tribes involving them in digital media projects to make their arts more widely accessible. Through their activities, tribal artists gain from increased exposure and a new appreciation of their artistic traditions.

Carrie Clay will present and show a ten minute film about the partnership work in India which she delivers with Caroline Essame. CreateCATT provides creative arts and play-based training, therapy and consultancy services for healthcare and education professionals, voluntary welfare organisations, and parents.

Transform Project
Founder Manuella Benini, kathak dancer and Brazilian Carnival artist, is the brains behind this exciting participatory Trans-Form Project which engages UK and Indian artists with schools and communities in Ahmedabad, India, in an educational, arts-based programme of workshops, transforming waste into carnival and street arts. Led by volunteers, the project began in 2014 and works with 500 children from local communities and schools, culminating in a celebratory carnival parade in Ahmedabad each year. Earlier this year in January, 20 international and British artists took part in the project with a host of local volunteers.

Ketna Patel & Jon Reading in Britain and India
Cultural Envoys of Britindia, Ketna and Jon are eminent Asian pop artists and cultural chameleons. In their quest to explore the urban rural divide, they spent much of the past couple of years in India in art residencies they helped shape. Their time in Orissa earlier this year and in Himachal Pradesh last year was a schizoid union of extreme challenges whilst hitting heights of intense inspiration.


OUTrageous Tales
Celebrate vibrant life stories of Club Kali Queens – OUTrageous, charismatic, audacious and forthright – in their first public Audience. They arrive in a stylish, stunning vintage Rolls covered in the Asian pop images of Ketna Patel and Jon Reading. Experience fascinating, previously unrevealed stories of Gender Here And There (GHAT) and enjoy fairy cakes at the TEA & TARTS GHAThering! Hosted by Britindia Queen of Tarts, Ash Mukherjee.