What We Do


AAAHA sets out to widen diversity in cultural landscapes through challenging visions, concepts, approaches and development of creativity with individuals and organisations.

We partner with organisations and establishments in a number of ways to promote and support British diversity and Asiatic arts and heritage activities.

* To advise on partnership programming
* To help source individuals and organisations to facilitate these
* To raise grants and sponsorship in partnership

Individual support
We mentor and support the development of artists and individuals who may find it difficult to negotiate their way through strategic planning and getting support for their work.

We are able to advise and help in the following ways.

* Development of an individual’s career in arts and/or heritage
* How to create opportunities of presenting Asiatic projects
* Facilitate partnerships with other individuals and organisations
* Approaching funders and sponsors
* Setting up an Asiatic arts or heritage company as a vehicle to raise funds, sponsorship and charge fees

Organisational support
We are aware that there are a number of organisations or companies who are in the British Asiatic field who need advice, admin and production support. It can be a daunting prospect to create and run the structures necessary to forward the aims of promoting and producing Asiatic arts and heritage activities in Britain.

By being a part of a supportive Alliance, the chances for success are increased. This can be achieved by:

* Being part of a strong network of like minded people
* Learning from those who are more experienced
* Identifying and securing partnerships that are mutually supportive
* Widening the scope of presenting Asiatic work at bespoke events, seminars, festivals and fairs
* Developing and securing international links

It is vital to organise high profile activities to draw attention to Asiatic arts and heritage in the UK. AAAHA is happy to help facilitate and support the following kinds of events.

* Festivals
* Exhibitions
* Performances
* Seminars
* Discussion groups
* Focus groups
* Workshops
* Courses