Platinum Jubilee Pageant – Thurrock

5.00-10.00pm | Thursday 2nd June | Purfleet -on-Thames Community Green | Pageant – Lighting of the Queen’s Beacon and Fireworks display

12.00-5.00pm | Friday 3rd June | Hardie Park (Stanford-le-Hope) | Pageant

12.00-5.00pm | Sat 4th June | Grays Town Park | Pageant

12.00-4.00pm | Sunday 5th June | Grays Town Park | Big Lunch – Thank You to Key Workers

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An amazing stilt Queen character with A SeaLion Carnival Mascot will lead this Pageant plus a Town Crier and Mistress of the Robes. They will appear at Purfleet, Hardie Park and Grays Town Park. At each venue there will be entertainment, picnics, activities and food stalls, with community groups joining in the fun! More details will be posted soon.

The opening event at Purfleet-on-Thames will end with the splendid lighting of the Queen’s Beacon and Fireworks at 9.45pm. Click here for more Purfleet-on-Thames details. The Pageant then visits Hardie Park and finally Grays Town Park. Click here for Grays details.

The Queen character on stilts symbolises the monarch as Head of Britain, The Commonwealth and the Church.

The Sea Lion, on Thurrock’s Coat of Arms, represents the maritime history of Thurrock.