Current Projects

TICC Festival 2019

Fri 5th & Sat 6th July

5th July
The Lightship Café | Grays Riverside Beach Park RM17 6HQ
6th July
South Essex College, Grays RM17 6TF

Get To Know

TIC Film Club is an inclusive, diverse space where people from all walks of life have the opportunity to GET TO KNOW each other.
Wed 29th May | Ali Pretty (artistic director Kinetika) plus chefs Kamala (Nepalese) and Lizzy (Nigerian).

TIC Film Festival 2019

TIC Film Festival is the magic lantern that draws inspiration from the incredibly rich and international history of the docks in Thurrock. Through film, the most powerful and eloquent heights of human imagination are created and infinite landscapes of the mind communicated. TIC Film is a festival where audiences come to discover unexpected visions and contra-transitions of filmmakers from all over the world.


We are in partnership with Thurrock Council arts and culture via Thurrock International Celebration of Culture (TICCulture) to explore and implement ways to expand the cultural landscape in the area and to reflect the migratory and commercial histories of Tilbury Docks.

Britindia (UK-India project)

The shared world of India and Britain is a fluid tapestry of exchange, migration, joy, pain, experiences, inspiration and creativity. We call this Britindia – a bilateral cultural arc of creativity.

Over time and history, our sensibilities have been shaped by the combined legacy between Britain and India. The confluence of a multitude of traditions, customs, identities continue to nourish our imagination and ingenuity.

Britindia is that intoxicating lotus that inspires our imagination to create visions anew. It navigates a global space.