AAAHA Launch



Saturday 30th April 2016, 6-8 pm

The School of Oriental and African Studies, Khalili Lecture Theatre, University of London, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG


Dr. Parvathi Raman, (Chair) SOAS Centre of Migration and Diaspora – Launch Introduction

Hi Ching (Founder) – Introduction to AAAHA

Mark Hobart, SOAS Emeritus Professor, Centre for Media Studies – Background Overview

Ketna Patel, Britindia Cultural Envoy (Visual Arts) Bhagya Lakshmi Thyagarajan, Britindia Cultural Envoy (performing Arts) – presenting Britindia, the bilateral UK/Indian arts organisation)

Bhagya Lakshmi Thyagarajan, Britindia Cultural Envoy (performing Arts) – presenting Britindia

Dominic Rai (Artistic Director) of Man Mela Theatre Company, and Caroline Goffin (Administrator) – presenting Salt of the Sarkar

Mary-Ann Connolly (Creative Director) – presenting Pinpoint Create, Essex based theatre company

Mike Dodsworth (Artistic Director) – Stone Soup from Pinpoint Create

Simon Ly (Literary Manager) & Clarissa Widya (Artisitic Director) – presenting Papergang, a platform for the work of British East Asian writers

Yang-May Ooi (author and theatre-maker) – presenting

Anna Nguyen (Artistic Director) & Mingyu Lin (Creative Producer) – presenting Trikhon Theatre, British Vietnamese theatre company

David Stanley (Founder) – presenting The Music Man Project

Hwee-San Tan (Coordinator), – presenting calligraphy exhibition and Chan Buddhist music at X-Drifts

Thekla Ek, Belgian / Cambodian artist

Performance poetry by Anna Chen

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