X-Drifts Festival 2016


CrossDrifts 2016 was a festival comprising a varied range of new arts activities voiced and delivered by pan-Asian arts practitioners, produced by AAAHA in collaboration with SOAS Department of Music and the Centre for Migration Studies. X-Drifts contributed to the SOAS centenary celebrations. The programme engaged a unique alliance of artists, academics and think tanks to interact through an innovative interface. This exchange of presentations, experiences and narratives inspired an exploration of the diverse globality we live in, serving to challenge the significance that the arts play in defining culture and how this identification impacts on the creation of new art within the context of a constantly evolving British identity.

Two weekends of the festival in July (2nd/3rd and 16th) were located in SOAS and focused on the vital importance of the work of its staff, students and alumni.

Read more about the activities below.

SOAS Summer World Music School 20th June – 23rd July

Noh Training Project 27th June – 9th July

One-Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition 28th June – 9th July

One-Stroke Calligraphy Buddhist Cultural Activities 28th June – 9th July

X-Drifts Weekend 2nd July

X-Drifts Weekend 3rd July

Launch of the Centre for Asian Theatre and Dance 12th July

X-Drifts Weekend 16th July

Archway Tales 2nd-3rd & 16th-17th July

Anansi Day 13th August

Bhumi Collective 15th-27th August

Rice Paper Tales 10th-18th September

ASEASUK Conference 2016 16th September