TIC Film Festival 2018

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making visible our international diversity
Global films – banned, invisible and unfamiliar

6th – 9th September 2018
Thameside Theatre, Orsett Road, Grays, Essex RM17 5DX


TIC Film Festival is the newest, most thought provoking film festival in Britain. A team of curators and specialists have programmed four exciting days of inspirational activities – films, public discussions and meetings with filmmakers.

TIC Film Festival is that window which features worlds less visible. Banned and non-mainstream films trigger discussions of creative dialogue. They provide the opportunity to debate human rights and freedom of speech. They make visible the international diversity of our global world often kept hidden away from view.

TIC Film Festival promises the radical, the unfamiliar, the unexpected.

Poised at the border of London and Essex, TIC Film Festival is the international element of the larger Grays Festival of Film. It represents that historical doorway between Britain and the world.

TIC Film Festival is supported by Thameside Theatre.
Thameside Theatre is a regional venue member of Film Hub South East.
An AAAHA initiative in partnership with Thurrock Council